Jody Guralnick

I am an artist, accustomed to working on canvas and paper but one day I stumbled upon beautiful unglazed Italian ceramics - blank white and ready to be painted and transformed. I thought about what I would like in my house, what would delight and amuse my senses.

I learned as I experimented, and when guests started to buy the plates off my table, Dish Studio was born.

Dish Studio is a couture business. Every dish is unique front and back and hand patterned, painted, glazed and fired in my studio in Aspen, CO.

I delight in each place setting, each combination of color and pattern. I welcome discussion about design, color and configuration. I am also happy to make single serving pieces. I’ll listen and interpret.

Most orders take a month to fill.

Contact me to receive more information, place an order or discuss a commission.